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How Do I Create a Livestream Event?

Once you have a Livestream subscription, you can start creating events. An event is a page within your account where your content lives including live broadcasts and archived VODs. 

Can't create an event? It may be because you haven't purchased a subscription or were on a subscription that has expired. Purchase a subscription to continue using Livestream.

When logged into your account, click on your account image (or image placeholder) in the top right corner of the page and click Create Event from the drop-down menu.

A window requesting basic information for your event (title, time, and category) will pop up. All of this information can be edited later. Once it is filled in, click Create Event.

You will be redirected to an unpublished draft version of your event page. You can click the blue Publish button in the upper right corner to make your event page visible to the public at any time.

To further customize your event, start by adding an image to the image placeholder. You can either click Add Event Image, or drag and drop a photo from your computer into the placeholder. We recommend as a rule of thumb that your photo is a 16:9 aspect ratio, or else you may be prompted to crop the image.

Next, we encourage producers to add a description to their event by clicking Add Description.

This will open an editor on the right side of the screen. Type a description under the Event Description field.

You can also add your event's location. This is based on Google's database and can be as specific or general as you'd like.

Below the location, you can give your event a custom URL (e.g. "") and add some search tags.

You can also edit your event poster image and event background. By default, your background will be a blurred image of your poster, or you can switch to a solid color.

Click Update Settings at the bottom of the drawer, and you will see the changes reflected on your event page.

To further customize your event, click the arrow to the left of Basic Details to access more settings.

When your event is configured, be sure to click Publish so that it can be viewed on and embedded anywhere on the web.

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