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API: What Does the 401 Error Mean?

I keep getting the following error: {"code":401,"message":"Your API request is passing invalid value for \"token\" parameter.”}

  • If using secure token authentication (see 'Secure Tokens' in our API Documentation):
    • Ensure that your server code returns the generated timestamp (in epoch milliseconds) so that you are using the same timestamp in your request as the server.
    • Ensure that you are passing a valid scope.
    • Ensure that you are creating a valid md5 hash for your token.
  • If using server-to-server authentication:
    • Please ensure you are using basic HTTP auth. Username is your secret key provided in the dashboard, no password.

I am getting a 401 error with the message: “ ‘token’ parameter value passed in your API request is expired”

  • Ensure you have made your request within the five minute period granted for the access token and are using milliseconds, not seconds.

I am getting a 401 error with the message: "client_id":10717024 doesn't exist."

  • Please make sure you are using the Client ID tied to your key in your dashboard and not your account ID.
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