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Chat & Comment on Events

Events on Livestream include a live chat. Any viewers that are logged into a Livestream account can participate in an event's chat. In addition, some events may also allow the option to participate without the need for a Livestream account.

Click the speech bubble icon to open the chat.

The chat will appear to the right of the live player.

Most events will require you to be logged in to a Livestream account. However, if you see the option to join as a guest, that means the event you are watching has access to allow viewers without an account to participate. Click Guest to join the chat.

Enter your name, then click Join.

You can now chat on the event.

Please be advised that participating in a Livestream event chat as a guest is not available for all Livestream events and is at the discretion of the account owner. If you wish to chat without logging in to Livestream, please contact the organization producing the live event.

Viewers can also comment on posts on the event page, including videos on-demand, photos, and status updates. 


Click the Posts icon in the upper right corner and select the post you want to see.

Similar to the live event, click the speech bubble icon in the upper right corner to leave a comment.

Additional Notes:

In an effort to reduce spam, any URLs sent will not be posted. 


The producer hosting the event has the ability to remove any messages and ban any users from their events. This is entirely up to the discretion of the account owner, not Livestream.


If you do not see the option to chat or comment, it is possible the event's account owner disabled this feature.

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