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Enabling Location Services on Mobile Browsers

Some event broadcasters choose to restrict which locations from which their events may be viewed. If the producer sets restrictions more specific than the country level - in other words, geo-block by region, city, postal code or IP address - mobile viewers will be prompted to share their location.

When prompted, select OK.

If you select Don’t Allow or do not have location services turned on, you will need to enable them in order to load the event page.


Unfortunately, if the producer of the event has geo-blocked specific areas and is hosting their content on a non-secure origin (e.g. the player is embedded on a non-HTTPS webpage), certain browsers will prevent locations from being shared and you may not be able to view the content, even with location services enabled. This is controlled entirely by the mobile browser the viewer is using, not Livestream. 


See below for instructions on enabling location services based on your mobile device's operating system.




Go to your device’s Settings and scroll down to Privacy.

Tap Location Services.

Toggle the switch to On. Any apps that may use location services will populate underneath.

Scroll down to your browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, etc.) and ensure that location services are turned on.




Go to your device’s Settings menu, then select Location. Be sure that it is toggled on.

Also, check that you have location settings turned on for your browser specifically. Open the browser’s menu (upper right corner).

Scroll down to navigate to the Location menu.

Toggle the Location switch on.

You can then view any websites you’ve allowed and blocked by expanding the corresponding menus and adjust location access settings for each site.

Refresh the event page you are trying to view after allowing your location. The page will then load if your location has not been geo-blocked.

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