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How Do I Get Studio Software With My Subscription?

Unlimited access to two (2) licenses of Livestream Studio is available with any Livestream platform subscription.


What is Livestream Studio software?


Livestream Studio is a live production switcher that runs on Windows and incorporates many elements of a professional live multi-camera production into one software. Think of it as a live production truck or a TV station's master control room in your computer.


Its most basic features include:

  • Connect up to 25 camera inputs: Plug in your cameras directly into your PC to get as many angles as you need.
  • Send up to 25 live video outputs: Output your video to projectors or monitors; ideal for auditoriums, conferences, and houses of worship.
  • Three graphic overlay tracks: Build graphic overlays to countdown to your event start, identify people, loop tweets using your event hashtag, or display a scoreboard.
  • Two media playback modules: Bring in pre-recorded video clips to incorporate into your production, such as sponsored content or montages.
  • Built-in audio mixer: Embed audio from your cameras or connect a USB mixer or microphone and control all the audio for your event directly from Studio.
  • Capture up to four high-resolution isolated (ISO) recordings: Record your event or individual camera angles in broadcast quality for post-production editing or replay.
  • Basic replay: Play back an ISO recording as your broadcast is happening, giving viewers a different angle of your event (e.g. a goal score).
  • Chroma key: Eliminate a colored background to incorporate different background images into your event (e.g. a weather map, virtual studio)
  • Stream to Livestream and other providers: Go live to Livestream, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Twitch, and more. Choose one or stream to multiple simultaneously.

Many more advanced features are also included.


How Do I Access Livestream Studio?


Download Livestream Studio and launch the software. Select Get Started on the right side to start a subscription.

If you have already purchased a subscription, simply click Log In in the upper right corner and log in using your Livestream account email and password.

Your browser will open the page shown below. Click Sign Up Now for whichever plan you are interested in.

Learn more about what each plan offers.

Choose whether to purchase a yearly plan or pay month-to-month and complete the form by entering your payment information. Once you are done, you will see a window indicating a plan has been purchased. Click Next to continue using your plan and Studio.

Livestream Studio will indicate that your full access has been unlocked.


While your access to features on the Livestream Platform will vary depending on your plan type, all Livestream Studio features, including streaming to other providers simultaneously, are unlimited regardless of which plan you choose.

You must be connected to the internet and logged in to your subscribed account on Livestream Studio in order to access the software.


How Do I Use Livestream Studio?

We have a list of first steps here to help you get started.

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