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Switch Old Event Page Embed to New Event Embed

On November 29th, 2016, we migrated all accounts to our new event page and embed design. Few customers requested to stay on our previous event experience with the old embed design.  However, we will soon be fully deprecating support of this workflow.

If you are still using the full event page embed from our old design (shown below), you should update your embed code on your website to ensure that your audience's access to your content via the embed is not interrupted.

Why is this version going away?

Since the release of the new event experience, we have released a few features that are only available with the new design such as:

We are deprecating the old experience in an effort to focus on further improvement and development on the new design.


To switch to the new event design, navigate to any of your event pages on your account. In the upper left corner, you will see a toggle icon.

When you hover your cursor over the icon, it will expand to read Try New Experience. Click this button to switch your event to the new design; this will not yet affect your current embed.


When your event has switched over, follow these steps to grab your new embed code.


With this design, note that rather than having separate codes for the live player versus a full event page, there is simply one iFrame code with a number of options that you can turn on and off. The size of the embed is a 16:9 ratio, which is different from the old full event page embed. This means the embed will fit differently on your website than the old one had, so you may need to make some web design adjustments.


If you wish for your viewers to have the option to see all of your posts within the embed (as was possible with the full event page embed), be sure to leave Enable event info and activity toggled on.

When viewers see your player, they can click the Posts icon to open the Posts drawer, which they can scroll through and select any of the clips posted to your event to watch within the embed. Viewers can do this whether you are streaming live or not.

When your event has ended, viewers can click Watch Again to see your event's VOD or select additional videos by clicking the navigation arrow on the right side. Note that the Posts icon is still available as well.

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