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Streaming to Vimeo via Livestream Studio

Livestream Studio supports streaming to Vimeo Live for all Vimeo Live subscribers.

In the Stream, tab, select Vimeo.

The following window will pop up. Click Sign in to Vimeo.

A browser window will open; you may need to minimize Studio in order to see it. Log in to your Vimeo account and authorize Studio to access information from your account to proceed.

Once you are logged in, you can give your stream a title and select its quality and aspect ratio. Hover your cursor over the Vimeo icon at the bottom and click the gearwheel to configure more settings.

In the window that pops up, you can select a pre-created live video destination on Vimeo to stream to (or create a new one by selecting Create new), select your desired privacy settings, and choose to use your default network or select a specific network to send your stream over (if you have multiple available).

You cannot stream to a live event more than once on Vimeo. You will need to create a new one each time you go live to Vimeo.

To create a new live event on Vimeo, go to Manage Videos and select New > Live event. Give it a title and, optionally, a date and time. This new event will appear in Studio as a destination. Alternatively, simply select Create new in Studio.

Click the person icon to open your Vimeo profile in a browser, or log out of your account in Studio.

Click Done when you have finished configuring your settings. When you are ready to start your stream, click Go Live in the bottom right corner.

Your Program output will appear in your chosen video destination on Vimeo.

For easy access to your stream, hover your cursor over the Vimeo icon; the URL to your stream will appear there.

When your event is over, end the stream by clicking the red Streaming button in the lower right corner.

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