Add and Remove Members on My Organization

Enterprise customers can now include up to five (5) members to have access to an organization. This means sharing access to one account without needing to share login credentials.

Open the navigation menu and select Settings.

On the left side, navigate to Members.

Click Invite Member. In the window that pops up, enter the email address of the person you wish to invite as a member, then click Send.

Basic and Premium customers can only have one member manage an account. Upgrade to Enterprise to invite up to five members.

People who are invited to join your organization will receive the email shown below. They should click Join Organization to proceed.

A browser window will open with the following form. Your new member should enter their name, create a password, and click Sign Up.


Doing so will allow them to log in to Livestream with their own email and password and give them access to your organization.

After they sign up, you will see your team member listed under the Members tab in your organization's settings.

All members will have full access to all settings and content of that organization. They do not have access to any member's personal profile settings other than their own.


Click the trash can icon on the right side of any members name to remove that member from your organization. Please note that it does not delete the member's profile from Livestream.

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