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I Have a Livestream Subscription; How Do I Access Studio?

If you have already purchased a Livestream subscription, you also have full, unlimited access to two (2) Livestream Studio licenses. This means you can run Livestream Studio on two separate PCs using your Livestream account login.

First, check that your PC meets our recommended hardware specifications. Then download and install the Livestream Studio software on a Windows computer.

When you launch Livestream Studio from your desktop, a window with trial and purchase options will open when Studio finishes loading. Select Log in in the upper right corner.

Enter your Livestream email and password in the next window. Once you are logged in, you can start using Livestream Studio.

Please be advised that subscription access to Livestream Studio will require an internet connection at all times. If you feel you will need to use Livestream Studio offline at any point, we recommend looking into our other one-time purchase options.

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