What Is Included in the Free Trial?

When you sign up for a free trial on Livestream, you get access to try out all of the features available with the Enterprise plan. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Privacy and audience control
    • Protect your events with a password
    • Hide events from Livestream.com
    • Restrict embedding to only your website
    • Geo-blocking
  • White-Labeled Player: Hide Livestream branding from your embeds
  • Guest Chat: Allow viewers to chat without needing to log in to a Livestream account
  • Lead Capture: Require viewers to provide contact information prior to viewing content.
  • Simulcasting: Livestream can push your stream to Facebook, YouTube, or any custom destination.
  • Livestream Analytics: Viewership data developed by Livestream for an in-depth look at viewer behavior.
  • Trial Access to Livestream Studio: Download our live video switching software onto a Windows PC.

Plus many more features. Visit our pricing page to see a full comparison chart of each plan.


Please be advised that the free trial has the following limitations:

  • Each live broadcast you produce will end automatically after 20 minutes
  • No more than 10 concurrent viewers can see your event at a given time
  • No API access
  • The trial ends after 30 days, after which you can no longer stream to your account. You then have an additional 30 days to upgrade before losing your content.
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