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How Do I Try Livestream Studio Before Buying?

Download and install Livestream Studio. When installation is complete, the software will launch and you will see the following screen. Select Start 30-Day Free Trial.

Your browser will open to the form shown below. Enter your information, including a login email and password. Then click Start Your Trial.

In your browser, a draft event will automatically be created for you with the date as the title. Click Continue to proceed.

You can go live to this draft event at any time. Select Open Studio to be redirected back to Livestream Studio.

You will be redirected back to Livestream Studio, where you will automatically be logged in to your account. You will see this screen again, this time indicating that you have an active trial with a countdown for how long until your trial expires.


Select Continue with Trial to start using Livestream Studio.

This countdown will also appear in the upper right corner of Studio for your reference. If you decide you want to purchase Studio, click this button to open the above screen again.

Your draft event is already selected as your streaming destination - you can see this by navigating to the Stream tab in the lower right corner and hover your cursor over the Livestream icon.

You can now proceed with using the full features of Livestream Studio until your trial expires. Here is a list of first steps you can take.


After 30 days, you will lose access to Livestream Studio and the ability to stream to your Livestream account. To continue using Livestream Studio, we have a few options for purchasing.

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