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What Are the Different Ways I Can Access Studio?

There are a variety of ways to gain full access to Livestream Studio:


Purchase a Livestream Subscription


Unlimited access to two (2) licenses of Livestream Studio is available with any Livestream platform subscription.


Download Livestream Studio and launch the software. Select Get Started on the right side to start a subscription.

Your browser will open to the page shown below. You can either sign up immediately for a Basic or Premium plan by selecting Sign Up Now, or contact a specialist if you are interested in the Enterprise plan.

Learn more about what each plan offers.

Choose whether to purchase a yearly plan or pay month-to-month and complete the form by entering your payment information. Once you are done, you will see a window indicating a plan has been purchased. Click Next to continue using your plan and Studio.

Livestream Studio will indicate that your full access has been unlocked.

You must be connected to the internet and logged in to your subscribed account on Livestream Studio in order to access the software.


One-Time Purchase: Software Dongle


Livestream Studio requires an internet connection in order to run when using it in trial mode or as part of a subscription (described above). If you intend to use it offline or would prefer to not make recurring payments, you can purchase full access to the software via USB dongle with a one-time payment of $799.


When you launch Studio and see the below screen, select Buy Studio on the left side.

Your web browser will open and direct you to the Livestream Store. Livestream Studio will be placed in your cart. Select Check Out to proceed with the order.

This one-time purchase of Studio includes a physical USB dongle that must stay connected to your PC in order to unlock access to Livestream Studio while using the software. This is why you will need to select a shipping method and enter shipping information along with your billing information.


Once you have completed the order, Livestream will process and ship the Livestream Studio dongle to your shipping address.

It's best to plug the dongle into a USB 2.0 port (black), not a USB 3.0 port (blue). Learn more about using the USB dongle.


One-Time Purchase: Hardware


If your PC does not meet our recommended specifications or you do not feel comfortable building a custom machine, we offer hardware options that include full access to Livestream Studio and Blackmagic Design capture devices pre-installed. This option, like the software dongle, also allows for offline use. Learn more our available models:


All features available with Studio, such as streaming to other providers, SDI/HDMI/NDI outputs, 10 remote cameras, etc. are available with all of these options.

The differences between these options are:

  • Number of Licenses:
    • Subscription access to Studio grants you access to two Studio licenses, allowing you to run Studio on two difference PCs using the same login.
    • Both one-time purchase options offer one Studio license per unit. 
  • Offline Availability:
    • Purchasing Studio via a subscription requires having an internet connection at all times.
    • Both one-time purchase options allow you to access Studio without an internet connection (although streaming will still require an internet connection).
  • Phone Support: 
    • Customers that purchase a Premium or Enterprise subscription will have phone support for the length of their subscription.
      • Please note that phone support is not available with the Basic plan.
    • Customers who make a one-time purchase get one (1) year of phone support. After one year, you can contact customer care via email or extend phone support access.
  • Payment
    • Subscriptions are available on a monthly or yearly basis. If you plan to use Studio for a limited time, or you plan to use Studio with the Livestream platform, this is a more cost-effective option for you. Learn about our subscription options here.
    • When you purchase the dongle or a hardware unit, you have Studio access for life. If you intend to use Studio for the long-term with a provider other than Livestream, this is the most cost-efficient option for you. Visit our store to see all one-time purchase options.

As an additional note, customers who already made a one-time Studio purchase and have a Livestream subscription have access to up to three separate Studio licenses and thus have the ability to run Studio on three different machines if desired.

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