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Studio Simulcasting via Web Control

Simulcasting via Livestream Studio can now be set up via Studio Web Control. It works similarly to setting up simulcasting within the Livestream Studio software.

Log in to Web Control and navigate to the lower left corner. Select the Stream tab.

Select one provider to start with; this example will use Livestream.

Log in to your account.

Configure your provider's settings. For example, choose your Livestream event and whether or not to notify your Livestream followers when you go live.

Click Advanced Settings to reveal further options; in Livestream's case, using bonding or using this Studio as a backup stream.

Click Done when you are finished configuring Livestream.

To add another provider, click the + icon in the lower left corner.

Other streaming providers will populate. Choose another provider (this example uses Facebook).

Sign in to your account.

The provider's icon will appear on the bottom of the module. Hover your cursor over it to reveal a pop up menu. For Facebook, you can click the pin icon to tag your location.

You can also click the tag icon to tag a friend to the post.

Click the gearwheel to configure further settings for that provider. For example, with Facebook, choose whether to post as your profile or as your page, where the stream is being posted (your timeline, a group you admin, etc). and your desired audience.


Click Done when you have finished configuring your settings for that provider.

Now you can give your stream a title, which will be consistent across all streaming providers.

Open the Stream Quality menu to choose your streaming bitrate. Keep in mind that not all quality options are supported by all providers (e.g. Facebook does not currently support 1080p or higher).

To start streaming, click Go Live in the lower right corner of the Stream module.

Your stream will begin immediately and the Stream module will turn into a dashboard explaining your outgoing bitrates, frame rates, viewer counts, and any error messages or warnings regarding your stream.


When you are down streaming, click the red Streaming button in the lower right corner.

You stream will end immediately and a dialogue box will open with information regarding your stream and any action items required (e.g. save the video on demand to your event page, delete).

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