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Livestream Studio 4.5 Release Notes

Livestream Studio version 4.5 was announced on April 23rd, 2017 and includes a variety of new features and improvements. See release notes below with links to guides on how to use the latest additions to Livestream Studio.

Release Notes


New features:

NEW → Newtek NDI protocol support. You can now bring NDI inputs into Livestream Studio, including full alpha channel support when used within the GFX modules. This also includes NDI output for integration with other NDI-enabled software. Learn more.

NEW → Advanced Facebook Live integration:

  • Ability to tag geographical location (check in) and friends to live video posts
  • Ability to stream to Scheduled Live Video posts on Facebook pages
  • Advanced audience targeting: choose your target audience age range, gender, & location.
  • Ability to add video tags to live video post
  • Learn more.

NEW → Streaming module with simulcasting functionality in Livestream Studio Web Control (beta). Learn more.



→ Ability to sync media and project files with Dropbox directly from Studio

→ Added support for GFX Twitter and GFX Google Spreadsheet layers in Web Control

→ Authorization into Google, Facebook, and Dropbox accounts with browser credentials

→ Added a warning for when free mode is activated and the user attempts to open a project with paid features, allowing for restricted functionality to avoid losing the saved project configuration

→ Improved long-term streaming (2+ days) to YouTube Live and Periscope

→ Added support for restarting Bonjour service while Studio is running

→ Added feature to export local .mp4 recorded files into Dropbox account (if logged in)



→ Fixed visual artifacts on video when CC is active

→ Fixed black frames appearing in Mevo remote camera during long sessions (6+ hours)

→ Fixed UI bugs with Windows text scaling to larger than 100%

→ Fixed Studio freezing when using certain specific audio devices

→ Fixed bug with GFX mapping window not appearing in some cases

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