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Stream to Twitter & Periscope via Livestream Studio

Livestream Studio can now integrate with and stream to any Periscope account. 

Navigate to the Stream tab and select Periscope as your streaming provider.

Click Sign in to Periscope.

This will open your web browser to Periscope's login page. If your browser does not automatically come to the front of your screen, you may need to manually switch over to it. Do not exit Studio.

This will not work if Microsoft Edge is your default browser. Set Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your Windows default browser in order to log in.

Click the Log in | Sign up button.

Enter your Periscope/Twitter credentials, then click Sign In.

Livestream Studio will request access to your Periscope account. This is necessary in order for the two applications to communicate to each other. Click 'Authorize.'

Once authorized, you can close your browser and go back to Studio.

In the Stream module, give your stream a title and be sure to select 540p as your quality.

Periscope does not support any other streaming quality. 540p is the streaming quality profile that is recommended by Periscope.

Hover your mouse over the Periscope icon in the bottom left corner. Clicking the Twitter bird icon (i.e. it turns blue) will prompt Periscope to post your stream in a tweet in addition to Periscope's native platform.

Clicking the gearwheel in the popup menu will allow you to choose which of your available network connections you will send your stream though (this example only has one).

When you are ready to start streaming, click 'Go Live.'

You can see information about your stream while you are live, such as the outgoing frame rate, bitrate, and viewer count.

When your event is over, click the red 'Streaming' button to end the stream.

When you stream ends, you can see information about your viewers and for how long you streamed. Choose to either save your video on demand or delete it.

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