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Forcing Windows PC to Run Maximum Amount of Cores

To optimize your computer's performance when using Livestream Studio, we recommend forcing your system to use its maximum amount of cores (usually four or six; the below example has eight).

This does not apply to macOS systems.

Open the Windows start menu and type "Run," then open the Run desktop app.

Type msconfig into the text field, then click OK.

This window will open up. Navigate to the Boot tab.

Click Advanced options...

Check Number of processors to enable the dropdown menu.

Select the highest number of processors your system has (in this case, 8). Then click OK.

Apply the settings, then click OK.

You will be advised that you may need to restart your computer to apply your settings. We recommend doing so before launching Studio to ensure the settings have taken effect.

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    If the "Number of Processors" box is unchecked, it defaults to all cores/processors. So doing this is all quite unnecessary unless for some strange reason a user has changed this setting in the past.

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