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How Do I Simulcast My Event to Other Streaming Destinations?

Premium and Enterprise customers have the option to push their Livestream broadcasts to other providers that accept streams via RTMP, such as Periscope, Twitch, etc. This allows you to stream content to another destination of your choice without taking up any more of your local bandwidth.

Important: Due to restrictions stated in section 19 of Facebook's Terms of Service, it is not possible to use Facebook Live and a Custom Destination at the same time. You must choose one or the other.

All you need is the RTMP URL and Stream Key (sometimes referred to as Stream Name) from your provider(s). We have a guide for how to find this information from some popular providers here.


To get started, click your account image and click Settings.

Click Simulcast.

Navigate to Add custom destination and click Add.

There is a limit of up to five (5) simultaneous streaming destinations per account.

The window shown below will open.

Give the destination a Description (e.g. "My Twitch Channel") - this simply allows you to distinguish this destination between any other streaming providers you may add later.


Copy the RTMP URL from your streaming provider and paste it into the RTMP URL field in the Simulcast menu. Then copy the Stream key from your streaming provider. Paste it into the Stream key field in the Simulcast menu.

Some providers will include the stream key at the end of the RTMP URL instead of distinguishing it separately. If you are not sure, you should contact your provider for clarification.

Some RTMP destinations require a username and password authentication. If your provider includes this, check the Use Authentication checkbox and enter the username and password.

When you are finished configuring this provider, click Save and Finish. The window will close.


Make sure the toggle switch is set to On. If you intend to stream to a pre-existing event, be sure to turn on simulcasting in that event's settings.

Now simply go live to your event on Livestream as you normally would (e.g. using Livestream Producer, Livestream Studio, etc.). Livestream will automatically push the highest available quality from your encoder to the RTMP server, allowing your event to be viewed both on Livestream and your selected provider simultaneously.



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  • Avatar
    Box Office Vegas

    So, what is the procedure for streaming to a client's Facebook or YouTube instead of my own? And what if I don't want to simulcast to my Livestream account - maybe to a client's? Is it just a matter of logging in to their Facebook, etc?

  • Avatar

    Sorry for the delay here! Yes, you simply need the credentials of whichever account you wish to stream to. In this case, you would need your client's Facebook credentials.

  • Avatar
    Gil Machado

    Hi Emily,
    We need to stream with only our logo and no sharing bottom.
    How can that be configured?

  • Avatar
    Jewish Broadcast

    Are there any plans to allow us to choose the bit-rate for the simulcast? As of now, I tried sending the stream periscope and it wont work because the quality is too high

  • Avatar

    For now, we sent the highest quality we possibly can based on

    1) the quality you are streaming at, and
    2) the highest quality supported by the provider you are streaming to, which for Periscope is 540p.

    Be sure to check out our article on how to find recommended settings for popular providers, including links to their supported streaming specifications:

    Hope this helps!

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