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How to Use Google Glass With Livestream Studio™

Last updated on Sep 29, 2015 04:07PM EDT

Livestream Studio™ 2.0 and higher allows you to use your Google Glass as a remote camera.

Connect your Google Glass via WiFi to the same network as your Livestream Studio.

Open the app on Google Glass by saying, “Ok Glass, start broadcasting” or swipe to the Livestream app from the main screen and tap the side of the Glass.

‘Broadcast’ will appear. Tap again to enter the application.

If left untouched, the app will start streaming to your most recent event. Tap the Glass before the load bar finishes to be brought to the event selection menu.

Swipe left and right to select your events or select ‘Create event’ to make a new event from Glass.

Tap the desired event to start streaming.

When you are live, tap the Glass to be brought to additional options (the first being ‘Stop Broadcast’).

Swipe all the way to the right, then tap on the Glass when you see ‘Enable Studio.’

You will be brought to this notification screen, which notes that Glass should be on the same network as Livestream Studio in order to be recognized. Tap to continue.

Glass will wait for a Livestream Studio on the same network to connect and indicate when it has connected.

In Studio, make sure you have added a remote camera as an input. 
If you have not added a remote camera as an input, open your Studio preferences and select the "Inputs" tab. Click the "+" button to add a new input and select "Remote Camera" from the drop-down menu.

Once connected to Livestream Studio, Glass will appear as a remote camera source. Click on it to activate it in the module.

If you tap on the side of the Glass, the first option you will see is ‘Switch Quality,’ allowing you to adjust the video quality sent to Livestream Studio.

Tapping that option will give you three options: low, normal, and high.

If you swipe to the right from ‘Switch Quality,’ you will see ‘Disable Studio,’ allowing you to remove the Glass from Studio and stream to events again.
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