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Livestream Studio Mid-Roll Advertisements

Last updated on Oct 01, 2014 02:29PM EDT

Owners of the Livestream Studio™ software (v1.3 and higher) who also have an Enterprise plan on Livestream can now insert a mid-roll advertisement during a Live Broadcast with the press of a button. In order for this feature to work, make sure you have set-up and configured a Google DFP account. More information on setting it up can be found on THIS PAGE. 
  • Once the Google DFP account is properly configured, login to your Livestream Account Settings page.
  • Activate the "Enable DFP Advertisements" option and fill in the "DFP Network Code" and "Ad Unit Path"
  • On your Windows PC, start the Livestream Studio™ software. 
  • Click the "Gear Wheel" on the top right to open the Preferences menu and visit the "Ad Insertion" tab.

Within the "Ad Insertion" tab, you'll find the following options: 

Segment Duration: adjust the length of the mid-roll advertisement.
Background: Adjust the image displayed behind the advert. Options include: 
  • Fade to Black
  • Any of the available GFX/Color/Media inputs
Transition: Adjust the transition in and out of the advert. Options include 'Cut' & '​Auto'

Automated Insertion: Checking this will bring up additional settings if you want your advertisement to run at a set interval.

Period between ads: The time, in seconds, between your advertisements being triggered.

Number of segments per period: How many segments roll before advertisements are no longer triggered.

Start with advert: Segment will begin by playing the advertisement, rather than starting with showing what you selected to go in the background.

Start insertion with streaming: When you go live, the first content your viewers will see is your advertising.

After configuring the Ad Insertion Preferences, click Save. To activate a mid-roll manually, click the "Insert Advert" button below the Main Mix section of the UI.​


When inserting an advertisement via the Livestream Studio™ Software, the following should occur: 
  • Depending on your choice of background, the Program window will change to reflect the selected option. 
  • The "Insert Advert" button will become red, read "ADVERT SHOWING..." and include a Countdown timer.
  • On the top Left of the Program window, it will read "OUTPUT Advertisement: [Transition] is locked until End". In the below example the option selected is "Fade to Black". 
  • When the advert is done playing, the program feed will transition back to your cued camera.
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